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Bungee Studio in New Port Richey

Come defy gravity with us!

About Us:


Flyin Into Fitness is a supportive  motivating community that is here to help you reach your fitness goals. When you think you can‘t, you will. You will discover how much you are capable of doing in a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere that boosts your confidence and keeps you pushing past your limits to reach your goals. Bungee fitness is like nothing you’ve ever done. Once you get in the bungee and fly you’ll be amazed at how you feel and the results you will see. Bungee fitness is something you will want to add to your routine. We are putting the FUN back into fitness. Making it something you look forward to. 

Flyin Into Fitness is not just for the super fit and active. Our classes are also for those who are new to working out or have specific weight loss goals. 

Additional Intormation

Is Flyin Into Fitness For You?

Bungee fitness is an innovative, exciting and fun concept in fitness. This low impact, high intensity form of exercise is great for most, but is this exercise for you? If you suffer from any ailments, please talk to your physicain before starting any new type of fitnesss or exercise program. Some restrictions specific to Flyin Into Fitness include pregnancy, any recent surgeries and weight less than 60lbs and weight greater than 280lbs. Any participant that requires extra equipment would need a one on one personal session. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. 

What To Expect And What To Wear:

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to be weighed, hooked to your bungee and ready to fly. Don't be late! Once our class participants are in their harnesses, we will not be able to stop the warm-up to take late arrivals. If you show up late, you will forfeit your class time. This is to make things fair for all members. It is recommended not to eat a full meal prior to class. You will want to wear leggings, good workout shoes and bring water. Prepare to get sweaty and have FUN! Looking forward to flyin into fitness with you soon!!